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Marketing Domain Names

What's in a name?

When using domain names for marketing purposes, you may want to consider a catchy name; one that sparks an emotion or significant curiosity; or one that just makes logical sense.

Here are examples of Internet domain name categories.  Clicking the category links below will provide you with valuable resources related to each domain name.  While you view those resources, take a look at how the marketing elements mentioned above have been incorporated.

For more information on the domain name investment and reseller business, go here.


 Fashion Industry
 Health and Fitness
 Internet Security
 Making Money with Domains
 Marketing and Advertising
 Media & Entertainment
 Medical and Diseases
 Money and Finance
 Organ Transplants
 Physicians & Surgeons
 Products and Services
 Real Estate Industry

 Societal Problems
 Various Categories
 Website Resources

What names can you come up with?

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